2023.12.26 UpDate


①新NISA制度を活用した資産形成セミナー ②博多駅前オフィス調査

12/25はRE/MAX Revo 所属、FP(ファイナンシャル・プランナー)でもある及川エージェントによる

【新NISA制度を活用した資産形成セミナー】 を受けまして、制度への理解が深まったとともに、自身の投資内容の見直しの必要性を強く感じました。








12/25 is by Agent Oikawa, who is also a FP (financial planner) and belongs to RE/MAX Revo. After receiving the [Asset Formation Seminar Utilizing the New NISA System], I gained a deeper understanding of the system and felt a strong need to review my own investments.

He also told me about recommended stocks from a professional perspective, and I feel like I have found a path to future asset building.

After the seminar, I looked at a newly built office building while researching office properties for rent in the Hakata Station area, which has been receiving a lot of inquiries recently, and I think people will like it because it has a good environment, including the building and location.

With that in mind, I went to the Christmas market held in front of Hakata Station, and had a great time listening to songs while looking at the beautiful trees in the lively atmosphere.

We recommend that everyone take a look at the new NISA system.