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RE/ MAX colorfulオープン!自己紹介!


RE/MAX colorfulエージェントの


2022年9月6日にRE/MAX colorfulが帯広市にオープンしました!🎉


RE/MAX colorfulのエージェントとして、お仲間になれた事を大変嬉しく思います。

街を彩る・個性豊かなメンバーに囲まれたRE/MAX colorful🌈














私個人では、この「売りたい」という大家さんをサポートする術がなく、どうしたら力になれるのか??!と壁にぶち当たっている所に、RE/MAX エージェントのお話を頂きました。







RE/MAX colorful エージェント 阿部彩乃


This is my first post.

RE/MAX colorful agents.My name is Ayano Abe!RE/MAX colorful opened in Obihiro City on September 6, 2022!Thank you very much for participating in the opening ceremony via zoom and for the many people who came to Obihiro.I am very happy to have joined you as an agent of RE/MAX colorful.RE/MAX colorful, surrounded by unique members who color the city.What kind of things will spread from now on?! It’s an exciting place!I would like to do my best with everyone’s help.Since this is my first post,It’s going to be a little long, but I would like to introduce myself.Last year, I attended a real estate seminar run by Mr. Kimura and became interested in real estate.Let’s start investing in real estate! I bought a detached house in Kushiro City while consulting with the owner Kimura.I was looking for a property for my next property purchase, but I needed the capital to get a loan. ! Just when I was thinking about it, I came across a book called “Abandoned Real Estate” introduced by owner Kimura.This book describes a style of real estate investment in which you pay the actual cost of remodeling an empty house, convert it into a rental, and divide the rent between yourself and the landlord when there are tenants.There is no such wonderful thing as “real estate investment can be done” without making a loan! ! And anyone can start easily! ! I decided to start this ruined real estate investment.The basics of ruined real estate investment is to find a vacant house.However, information on vacant houses does not come in easily. !Then I noticed that there were empty houses here and there. In order to get in touch with the landlord, I put up a sign at the entrance, and every time I found a vacant house, I was asked to put up a sign and walked around.While continuing this activity, I was surprised at the number of voices from landlords saying, “I’d rather sell an empty house than rent it!”Personally, I have no way to support this landlord who wants to sell, so how can I help? ? ! And just when I was hitting a wall, I received an offer of a RE/MAX agent.I felt that this was exactly what I was looking for, and immediately decided to become an agent.By becoming an agent, you can respond to the voice of those who want to sell a vacant house. Furthermore, you can also help those who want to rent or buy! and widened the scope of real estate.After becoming an agent and searching for vacant houses by myself, I felt uneasy, but now I have friends in Obihiro who I can talk to about my anxieties and successes. No, it’s very reassuring to think that I’m all over the country and the world! !I am still inexperienced in buying and selling, but I would like to become an agent who can absorb a lot from everyone and deliver happiness to customers. ↓↓↓As for my private hobbies, I enjoy playing park golf with my husband and four friends on holidays! ! I’m posting a video of it every day on the YouTube channel “Somajuku”! ! ! RE/MAX colorful Agent Ayano AbeSeptember 12, 2022